Whether you want to have a portrait of yourself doing what you love, you want to boost your presence in social media, you have an upcoming interview or you want to portrait your beautiful family, RMS Timelapse Photography can deliver the results you want with quality and detail.

Diego called me and told me he needed a variety of portraits for his upcoming website and landing page.
Diego is an insurance broker and we decided to add an urban feel to his photoshoot. We met at a convenient park for both of us and within 45 minutes we were able to come up with a variety of shots

José David Conde
José David Conde is a paragliding rookie. He has been paragliding for less than a year but he has achieved and broke ground in local niches.
He called me because he wanted a variety of photos to be able to print at a large format with clear quality. We decided to take the panoramic approach to the shoot and these are the results.

Carlos Villarreal is mad when it comes to Enduro MTB. He has a passion and dedication that often goes unmatched. Luckily for him her hangs out with people that push him to be better everyday.
In this case I wanted to create a variety of portraits of him while riding and try to capture his madness and passion through my lens.