Hi Everybody! This is my first Blog Post and I’m stoked to be part of the community!!!

I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been up to.

I personally love timelapsing, It is a world of it’s own. There is a certain magic that is unlocked when we perceive what we were biologically designed not to perceive.

Sunset at Isabella

To see the motion of the clouds is to watch nature dance, to see the ever-changing lights and shadows, to materialize the passage of time in a way we can appreciate it. With processes like timelapsing or slow motion, we discover that every second, every moment is never static, always changing in so many details, so many variables are influenced.

Due to me not being able to show videos on this site yet, I have been playing with stacking the timelapses into one picture. I’m sure you guys have seen this process before, even if you didn’t know how it was done. Star trails are basically achieved this way.
This timelapse was captured in Puebla, Mexico. A beautiful shot of the 3rd highest mountain in Mexico, which happens to be an active volcano (Popocatepetl).

RMS_Stacked Edit-7.jpg

Another common use for stacking timelapses is city night shots. To watch a timelapse or to see a long exposure picture taken of a city at night is something. But looking at 100+ different long exposure shots stacked one on top of the other gives it a unique touch of majestic colors and patterns.
This beautiful stacked image resulted of a timelapse taken on the second highest building in Puebla, Mexico. In the back you can see an inactive volcano (Malinche) guarding the 4th biggest city in Mexico.

RMS_Stacked Edit-9.jpg

Because I believe life should be about having fun and experimenting new things, blowing our minds and expanding our consciousness, I’ve played around with previous timelapses, converting them to stacked images and some beautiful results have stood out from the crowd.
One of my favorite ones was this image, it was created with over 200 pictures of a clay chimenea.

RMS_Stacked Edit-11.jpg

If you guys want to see more look me up on Facebook as rms timelapse photography. I also have some prints available for sale. If you google rms timelapse photography LLC shopify you can see my gallery.


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